Unlocking Your Cinematic Vision in New York with VIDART’s Comprehensive Film Production Services

Creating a movie in New York, the cinematic epicenter known for its skyline views, historic streets, and vibrant cultural scenes, presents a thrilling array of possibilities and challenges. Film production costs in New York can range dramatically, from modest budgets in the hundreds of thousands to blockbuster investments well into the hundreds of millions, reflecting the diversity and scale of projects the city accommodates.

Why Choose VIDART for Your New York Film Production?

At VIDART, we specialize in bringing cinematic dreams to life, from the initial spark of an idea to the final touches in post-production. Our extensive range of services covers every phase of filmmaking:

  • Location Scouting: Discover iconic New York settings from the bustling streets of Manhattan to the serene landscapes of Upstate New York, Brooklyn’s historic neighborhoods, Queens’ diverse cultural spots, the Bronx’s vibrant locales, and Staten Island’s unique backdrops.
  • Casting & Talent: Tap into New York’s vast pool of acting talent, from seasoned Broadway veterans to fresh faces ready to bring your characters to life.
  • Story & Screenplay Development: Collaborate with New York’s creative minds to refine your narrative, ensuring it resonates with audiences.
  • Set & Prop Design: Utilize our in-house resources to create immersive environments without the need for expensive rentals.
  • Filming & Editing: Benefit from our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced crew, including Directors of Photography (DPs), gaffers, production coordinators, and assistant directors (ADs), all available at a competitive day rate of $1,500.
  • Special Effects & Title Creation: Elevate your film with cutting-edge effects and compelling title designs.
  • Marketing & Distribution: Leverage New York’s unparalleled media and distribution networks to ensure your film reaches its audience.

No project is too ambitious or too intimate for our team. Whether you’re planning a feature film that showcases the heart of New York City, a documentary capturing the essence of Long Island’s shores, or an indie film set in the artistic enclaves of Brooklyn and Queens, VIDART is your partner in filmmaking. Our comprehensive approach means you have access to everything you need under one roof, supported by a team dedicated to excellence and innovation.

Exploring Film Production Options in New York

New York is home to a rich tapestry of film production possibilities, from independent filmmakers eager to tell unique stories to major studios capable of mounting large-scale productions. VIDART stands out with our commitment to personalized service, competitive rates, and a comprehensive suite of services tailored to your project’s needs.

Begin your filmmaking journey in New York with VIDART—where your vision meets our expertise to create cinematic magic.


Top Film Production Companies in NewYork :

VIDART – we are  Film Production local to New York ,  price of $1,500 includes everything for fiolmography.  We also service ersey, Newark, Guttenberg, Cliffside Park, Hoboken, North Bergen, Union city, Bayonne, Ridge field, Weehhawken and Jersey City.


  1. Steiner Studios

    • Located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Steiner Studios is one of the largest and most sophisticated film and television production studios outside of Hollywood. With state-of-the-art soundstages, production facilities, and support services, it’s a favorite for both local and international filmmakers.
  2. Silvercup Studios

    • Situated in Long Island City, Queens, Silvercup Studios is known for being the birthplace of numerous beloved TV shows and movies. It offers a comprehensive range of production services along with its extensive studio space, making it a key player in New York’s entertainment production scene.
  3. Kaufman Astoria Studios

    • A historic studio located in Astoria, Queens, Kaufman Astoria Studios has been operational since the early 20th century. It provides a full suite of production services and facilities, including soundstages, backlots, and support spaces. The studio has hosted numerous high-profile productions over the years.
  4. Broadway Stages

    • With multiple locations across Brooklyn and Queens, Broadway Stages is one of New York’s leading film and television production companies. It offers an array of soundstages and production facilities, catering to both large-scale and independent productions.
  5. Cine Magic Riverfront Studios

    • Located on the waterfront in Brooklyn, Cine Magic Riverfront Studios offers unique filming locations and views, along with comprehensive production services. Its proximity to the Manhattan skyline makes it particularly appealing for filmmakers seeking iconic New York City backdrops.

VIDART’s prices – VIDART can help at a day rate of $1,500 a day. We can take your idea and help produce it from start to finish. No need for expensive rentals. We own all equipment needed and provide it. If you have crew needs and require a DP, gaffer, production coordinator or AD

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