Unlock the Magic of Movie Making in New Orleans with VIDART

Embarking on a film production journey in New Orleans, a city renowned for its vibrant culture, iconic architecture, and unique ambiance, offers an unparalleled canvas for filmmakers. Whether you’re dreaming of capturing the haunting beauty of the French Quarter, the lively streets of Marigny, the historic charm of the Garden District, or the scenic views along the Mississippi River, New Orleans serves as a mesmerizing backdrop for any genre of movie.

Understanding Film Production Costs in New Orleans

Film production costs in New Orleans can span a wide spectrum, from budget-friendly indie projects in the hundreds of thousands to blockbuster productions with budgets soaring into the hundreds of millions. The diversity and adaptability of New Orleans as a filming location cater to an extensive range of production needs and budgets.

Comprehensive Film Production Services by VIDART

At VIDART, we specialize in transforming your visionary ideas into cinematic reality, offering end-to-end film production services in and around New Orleans. From the initial spark of inspiration during story and screenplay development to the final touches in post-production, including editing, special effects, and marketing, VIDART is your dedicated partner in storytelling.

Our services extend to meticulous location scouting across New Orleans’ most captivating neighborhoods and nearby cities such as Metairie, Kenner, and Slidell, ensuring the perfect setting for your narrative. Our in-house casting process aims to discover the ideal talent to bring your characters to life, supported by our expertise in set and prop design to create immersive environments.

Why Choose VIDART for Your New Orleans Film Production?

With VIDART, you benefit from a seamless production experience, eliminating the need for costly equipment rentals. Our comprehensive inventory of state-of-the-art filming equipment is at your disposal, accompanied by our talented crew, including Directors of Photography (DPs), gaffers, production coordinators, and assistant directors, available at competitive day rates starting at $1,500 per person.

Explore Film Production Packages and Opportunities in New Orleans

New Orleans is home to a vibrant community of studios and independent filmmakers, each offering unique production packages and services.

As a distinguished film production company in New Orleans, VIDART is committed to bringing your cinematic dreams to life, leveraging the city’s rich tapestry of settings and our comprehensive production capabilities. From the bustling heart of Downtown to the serene landscapes of City Park and beyond, let us guide you through the exciting journey of movie making in New Orleans, ensuring a masterpiece that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Film Production Work Samples

Top Film Production in New Orleans

VIDART – also services Metairie, Gretna, Meraux, Belle Chasse, Kenner, New Orleans Park, Lakeshore Park, La Salle Park, Lafreniere Park, Covington, Mandeville, Biloxi, Gulf Shores, Houston, Dallas, Austin, St. Charles, Shreveport, Elmwood, Jefferson, Harvey, Terrytown, Marrero, Westwego and Chalmette, 

Glass Slipper Films –  prices start at $1700.


Wildfire Cinematography – $3,499 . 

VIDART’s prices – VIDART can help at a day rate of $1,500 a day. We can take your idea and help produce it from start to finish. No need for expensive rentals. We own all equipment needed and provide it. If you have crew needs and require a DP, gaffer, production coordinator or AD

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