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How Much Does It Cost to Produce a Movie in Chicago?

Embarking on a film production journey in Chicago? The cost can vary widely, ranging from thousands to several million dollars. It all depends on the scope and scale of your project. At VIDART, we understand that every film has its unique vision and budget constraints. That’s why we’re here to offer personalized, comprehensive film production services tailored to bring your cinematic vision to life without breaking the bank, whether you are a small independent producer, a mid-tier production house or a major studio looking to outsource various needs, we can handle whatever you need filmed efficiently, creatively, professionally and under a budget that gives you the best bang for your buck.

Comprehensive Services for Every Stage of Production

VIDART is your one-stop shop for film production in Chicago. Our suite of services includes:

  • Location Scouting: Discover the perfect backdrop for your story from the bustling streets of Chicago to its hidden gems.
  • Casting: Find the right faces to bring your characters to life with our extensive casting services.
  • Story and Screenplay Development: Let’s shape your ideas into a compelling narrative that captivates audiences.
  • Set and Prop Design: From contemporary to historical settings, our design team can create the perfect environment for your story.
  • Filming: Capture your vision with our state-of-the-art filming equipment and experienced crew.
  • Editing and Special Effects: From cutting to CGI, we’ve got the tools and talent to polish your film to perfection.
  • Title Creation: Make a lasting first impression with a striking title design.
  • Marketing and Distribution: Get your film in front of audiences with our strategic marketing and distribution services.

Affordable, All-Inclusive Rates with No Hidden Fees

At VIDART, we pride ourselves on transparency and affordability. We own all the necessary equipment, eliminating the need for expensive rentals. Plus, if you’re looking to fill specific crew roles—be it a Director of Photography, Gaffer, Production Coordinator, or Assistant Director—VIDART has got you covered at a competitive day rate of $1,500. We service the entire country as well, so whether you’re in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New Orleans or need a small crew in an area where it is impossible to find talent on ProductionHub, Mandy or elsewhere, so let us help complete your project.

Let’s Bring Your Vision to Life

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Discover Top Film Production Packages and Premier Studios in Chicagoland

Are you on the lookout for exceptional film production packages and reputable companies in the Chicago area? Chicago’s vibrant film scene offers a diverse range of production services, catering to both independent filmmakers and larger studio projects. From day rates for specific services to comprehensive production packages, there’s something for every budget and vision in the Windy City. Below, we dive into the types of film production packages available and spotlight the top five film production companies or studios making waves in Chicagoland.

Variety of Film Production Services in Chicago & Midwest

In Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, Rockford, Dubuque, St. Louis, Detroit, Indianapolis, Nashville, and surrounding cities, film production companies and independent filmmakers offer a wide array of services to bring your cinematic dreams to life. Whether you need assistance with location scouting in iconic Chicago neighborhoods, casting local talent, script development, or post-production magic with cutting-edge special effects, the Chicagoland film industry has got you covered. Many companies offer customizable packages, allowing you to select the services that best fit your project’s needs.


Top 5 Film Production Companies or Studios in Chicagoland

VIDART – Specializing in bringing visionary projects from concept to completion, VIDART offers personalized film production services, including location scouting, casting, and post-production, all under one roof in Chicago.

Cinespace Chicago Film Studios – As the heart of Chicago’s film production community, Cinespace offers extensive studio space and comprehensive production services, making it a hub for both local and international filmmakers. While Cinespace primarily offers studio space and facilities rather than full production services, renting a stage or location can range from $2,000 to $10,000 per day, depending on size and amenities required.

Filmworkers Club Chicago – Known for its high-end post-production services, Filmworkers Club provides exceptional editing, color grading, and visual effects to filmmakers in the Chicagoland area. For post-production services such as editing, color grading, and VFX, day rates might start around $1,800 to $3,500, reflecting the high-end nature of their offerings.

O’Connor Casting Company – With a reputation for finding the perfect fit for any role, O’Connor Casting Company is a go-to for filmmakers seeking top-tier talent in Chicago. Casting services can vary widely, but day rates for casting sessions might range from $1,000 to $5,000, excluding specific talent fees.

Chicago Studio City – Offering a range of production facilities and services, Chicago Studio City caters to film, television, and commercial projects, providing a versatile backdrop for any narrative. Offering a mix of production facilities and services, day rates can range from $2,500 to $8,000, covering various studio sizes and technical support options.

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