Premier Film Production Services in Los Angeles

Welcome to VIDART, your comprehensive source for film production in the heart of the entertainment industry, Los Angeles. From the bustling streets of Hollywood to the scenic views of Malibu, and the historic studios of Burbank, VIDART is equipped to bring your cinematic vision to life across the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Tailoring Budgets to Your Cinematic Dreams

Understanding the cost of movie making in Los Angeles can be daunting. With film production budgets varying widely from indie projects in the thousands to blockbuster epics in the hundreds of millions, VIDART offers transparent, tailored pricing to fit your project’s scale and vision. We provide end-to-end services, ensuring your project is handled with expertise from conception to the final cut, all without the need for expensive equipment rentals or external crews.

Full-Spectrum Film Production Services

At VIDART, we pride ourselves on offering a vast array of services to take your idea from the storyboard to the silver screen. Our in-house capabilities include:

  • Location Scouting: Discovering the perfect Los Angeles backdrops, from the iconic Venice Beach to the vibrant streets of Downtown LA.
  • Casting: Finding the right talent to bring your characters to life.
  • Story and Screenplay Development: Crafting compelling narratives that resonate with audiences.
  • Set and Prop Design: Creating immersive environments for your narrative.
  • Filming: Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment for crystal-clear cinematography.
  • Editing and Special Effects: Polishing your film with cutting-edge post-production techniques.
  • Title Creation, Marketing, and Distribution: Ensuring your film reaches its intended audience with impact.

Whether you’re looking to film in the historic neighborhoods of Silver Lake, the bustling corridors of West Hollywood, or the serene landscapes of Pasadena, VIDART is equipped to meet your production needs at a competitive day rate of $1,500.

Choose VIDART for Your Los Angeles Film Production Needs

With VIDART, you’re choosing a partner that understands the intricacies of film production in Los Angeles. Our team of experienced directors of photography, gaffers, production coordinators, and assistant directors is ready to bring your project to life with professionalism and passion.

Transform your cinematic dreams into reality with VIDART, where our equipment, expertise, and dedication to your vision make us the leading choice for film production services in Los Angeles and beyond. Contact us today to start your journey from concept to premiere.


Top Film Production Companies in Los Angeles

VIDART – also services Torrance, Malibu, Long Beach, Maywood, Bell, West Hollywood, Alhambara, Montebella, Commerce, Cudahy, Walnut Park and Monterey Park.

  1. Warner Bros. Studios: Offers a range of production services with pricing depending on the project scale and specific needs.
  2. Universal Studios: Known for its comprehensive film production services, from sound stages to post-production. Pricing varies by project.
  3. Paramount Pictures: Offers full production services with costs tailored to the scope of the project.
  4. Sony Pictures Studios: Provides a variety of production services, with prices customized based on project requirements.
  5. 20th Century Studios: Known for high-quality production services; contact for custom pricing.
  6. The Walt Disney Studios: Offers a broad range of production services, with tailored pricing.
  7. Netflix Studios: With its increasing number of original productions, Netflix offers various production services, priced per project.
  8. Amazon Studios: Similar to Netflix, it provides production services with project-based pricing.
  9. Quixote Studios: Known for stages, gear, and production supplies, with customizable pricing options.
  10. Sunset Las Palmas Studios: Offers sound stages and production offices, with prices varying by need.
  11. CBS Studio Center: Provides production services with customizable pricing based on project specifications.
  12. Raleigh Studios: Historic studio offering stages, production offices, and more, with variable pricing.
  13. Gower Studios: Offers stages and production support with project-based pricing.
  14. Red Studios Hollywood: Provides production services with customizable pricing.
  15. Silver Dream Factory: Offers stages and locations at competitive rates, with prices available upon request.
  16. L.A. Film Locations: Specializes in location services for film production, with prices depending on the location.
  17. Eagle Rock Studios: Offers production services with pricing tailored to the project.
  18. Avalon Studios: Known for its boutique production services, with project-specific pricing.
  19. Siren Studios: Offers stages and production support, with prices based on the project’s needs.
  20. Line 204: Provides sound stages and production supplies, with customizable pricing options.

VIDART’s prices – VIDART’s day rate is $1,500. and includes the following service verticals:

  1. Film Production Services
  2. Video Production Company
  3. Movie Production Studios
  4. Independent Film Production
  5. Film Editing Services
  6. Post-Production Services
  7. Film Equipment Rental
  8. Cinematography Services
  9. Sound Design Services
  10. Visual Effects Services
  11. Film Scoring Services
  12. Scriptwriting Services
  13. Casting Services
  14. Film Location Scouting
  15. Film Crew Hire
  16. Director of Photography Hire
  17. Film Lighting Equipment Rental
  18. Camera Equipment Rental
  19. Drone Videography Services
  20. Corporate Video Production
  21. Music Video Production
  22. Commercial Video Production
  23. Documentary Film Production
  24. Animated Film Production
  25. Virtual Reality Film Production
  26. Film Color Grading Services
  27. Film Sound Mixing
  28. Voice Over Recording Services
  29. Storyboard Creation Services
  30. Film Distribution Services
  31. Film Marketing Services
  32. Film Festival Submission
  33. Green Screen Studios
  34. Film Set Design
  35. Prop Rental for Films
  36. Costume Design Services
  37. Makeup and Hairstyling for Film
  38. Special Effects Makeup
  39. Action and Stunt Coordination
  40. Legal Services for Film Production
  41. Film Production Insurance
  42. Film Budgeting Services
  43. Film Financing Solutions
  44. Film Tax Credit Consulting
  45. Screenplay Editing Services
  46. Film Workshop and Training
  47. Film Production Software
  48. Digital Cinema Package (DCP) Creation
  49. Film Archiving Services
  50. Film Restoration Services
  51. Behind the Scenes Production
  52. Film Teaser and Trailer Production
  53. Film Poster Design Services
  54. Title Sequence Design
  55. Subtitling and Dubbing Services
  56. Film Localization Services
  57. Independent Film Distributors
  58. Film Co-Production Opportunities
  59. Mobile Film Production
  60. Social Media Video Production
  61. 360-Degree Film Production
  62. Live Stream Video Production
  63. Event Videography Services
  64. Sports Film Production
  65. Educational Video Production
  66. Non-Profit Video Production
  67. Crowdfunding Video Production
  68. Real Estate Video Production
  69. Aerial Videography Services
  70. Underwater Film Production
  71. Time-Lapse Videography
  72. Stop Motion Animation
  73. Film Production Consultancy
  74. Film Project Management
  75. Script Breakdown Services
  76. Film Scheduling Services
  77. Location Management Services
  78. Film Catering Services
  79. Film Transportation Services
  80. Film Crew Accommodation Services
  81. Pre-Visualization Services
  82. Video Editing Software
  83. Film Soundtrack Licensing
  84. Royalty-Free Music for Films
  85. Film Rights Management
  86. Digital Content Distribution
  87. Online Film Platforms
  88. Film Industry Networking Events
  89. Film Production Unions
  90. Film Production Grants and Funding
  91. Film Pitching Services
  92. Feature Film Production
  93. Short Film Production
  94. Episodic Series Production
  95. Multimedia Production Services
  96. Interactive Video Production
  97. Augmented Reality Film Production
  98. Film Production Trends
  99. Film Production Challenges
  100. Future of Film Production

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